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23 November 2018

Artistic floors: tradition, innovation and refined italian expertise

The union of innovation, technology and Tuscan handicraft tradition gives birth to decorative and artistic floors that have a great aesthetic impact and are suitable for luxury locations.

Click on the pictures to view the artistic floors from the Classical Progenies and Contemporary Progenies collections by renowned Tuscan company I Vassalletti:


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Defining them artistic floors would be an understatement, as they are indeed true works of art featuring geometric motifs, decorative patterns and representations that add value to the soul of any room.

Suitable for residential and commercial locations, luxury hotels, art galleries, antique villas, penthouses, luxury retail stores and boutique hotels, artistic and decorative floors are divine masterpieces that, in order to be admired, don’t even require you to look up. The hands of highly experienced master craftsmen create true works of art.

An Italian excellence in the field of artisanal production of luxury floors, the Tuscan company I Vassalletti has always been committed to manufacturing innovative products by constantly evolving and searching for new inspirations.

The artistic floors by I Vassalletti, leader in the field of fine wooden floors, are characterised by a refined design research that combines experience, artisanal attention to detail and a deep knowledge of the raw material and of the most exquisite production methods. The decorations of the artistic floors by I Vassalletti are both handmade and machine-made with sophisticated state-of-the-art machinery, such as laser and water-jet cutters that allow to carve wood, metal and marble with extreme accuracy.

Our team of artisans, architects, designers and layers skilfully deals with craftsmanship, technique and originality, elements that have made the “Made in Italy” industry world-famous, by creating unique floors, behind which there is no machine, but rather the passion, experience and mastery of people who deeply love what they do.

The group I Vassalletti has been committed for generations to manufacturing luxury floors with old oak wood, steel, marble, granite and other fine materials. The scrupulous attention when selecting and pairing raw materials results in very high levels of quality.

The multifaceted and dynamic company was established in Tuscany, a land of old and noble traditions. Such cultural heritage, together with expert hands and Tuscan handicraft techniques, gives birth to floors that are true works of art with their unique shades and priceless quality.

Let’s have a look at the exclusive Classical Progenies and Contemporary Progenies collections.


Artistic floors: the Classical Progenies collection

The union of old oak and original fine materials such as marble, steel, terracotta, pietra serena, granite and even leather gives birth to the exclusive Classical Progenies collection, featuring ornamental motifs with a typically classical flavour, that lends a timeless allure to the location by evoking times past and recalling the fascinating floors of the aristocratic residences of the past.

The Classical Progenies collection by I Vassalletti offers a wide selection of artistic floors made of old oak wood with refined metal, wood and marble inlays. The historical ornamental motifs express themselves throughout fine materials such as pietra serena, marble and terracotta, or they intertwine with bronze, steel and even leather. The final result is a fascinating mix of tradition, innovation and great manufacturing skills. The colours mirror the Tuscan tradition and, by blending with indissoluble emphasis, they evoke splendour, passion and elegance.

Our products are works of art that look back at the past while modernising themselves, thus creating a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation. Those who choose our exclusive decorative floors also choose to espouse our philosophy, and the privilege of uniqueness along with it.

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Artistic floors: the Contemporary Progenies collection

The Contemporary Progenies collection by I Vassalletti consists of artistic floors that have a more modern style, in line with contemporary living needs, featuring floral motifs, sinuous curves and a triumph of stunning abstract intertwining elements that create fine plays of light.

Despite drawing on knowledge inherited from the past, Maison I Vassalletti puts its signature style at the centre of every creation, thus moving away from the idea of a Tuscan handicraft that lives in the past.

The arts of carving, inlaying and decorating are given a new life in the artistic floors by Maison I Vassalletti, that constantly pays attention to interior design trends and modern living culture.

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