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30 August 2018

The best engineered wood parquets: an overview on parquet engineering


Quick to install and easy to remove, refined engineered-wood parquets have become more and more common in the last few years. In this page, you can find also an overview on parquet engineering.

Click the pictures to take a look at the exclusive creations by the Tuscan Maison I Vassalletti:


best engineered wood parquet versailles   best engineered wood parquet chantilly best engineered wood parquet chevron parquet engineering

The upper and lower layers of an engineered-wood parquet are made with the same noble wood type. So, for example, if the noble wood surface is made of old oak or teak, the lower layer will be made of the same materials, while the middle support layer usually consists of a lighter wood, such as fir, or a multi-layer wood.

Engineered wood floors guarantee an excellent stability even in case of adverse conditions, since the noble wood surface and the lower layer made of the same material perfectly compensate for potential changes in humidity or temperature. The engineered wood parquet is considered top of the three-layer floors line.


bright room engineered wood parquet


render of engineered wood parquet


The finishing of this type of parquet created by I Vassalletti gives an incredible sensation of warmth with the strong personality conveyed by the elegant installation.

The best engineered wood parquets

High-end engineered wood parquets have got a three-layer structure, of which the noble wood surface can be between 3 and 8 millimetres thick.

Three-layer parquets are usually more expensive than standard wood parquets since the former must be at least 14 millimetres thick. The refined wood type used in engineered-wood parquets affects the final price.

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