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7 February 2019

Coffered floors: recalling the art of living in Ancient Florence


Do you dream of a traditionally manufactured coffered floor for your home that recalls the ones that were popular in Ancient Florence?

Evoking images, feelings, memories and pleasant sensations is the mission of the renowned company I Vassalletti, Italian excellence in the field of artisanal production of luxury floorings, constantly engaged in the search for beauty.

With the Historical Floorings collection, the Maison I Vassalletti aims at recalling the atmosphere of the typical aristocratic mansions of the past by revisiting and modernising ancient coffered floors while maintaining a high perceived quality of the compositions.

A coffered floor is a low-maintenance high-quality solution perfect for the indoors. Coffered floors are long-lasting, resistant to a medium wear and offer great solidity and a practical maintenance.

Don’t forget that a wooden flooring is not only about the wood type, but also about composition. A coffered floor consists of an elegant composition made of squares placed side by side.

Let’s go into detail about the selection by the famous company I Vassalletti.


Old oak and oak coffered floor by I Vassalletti

The Historical Floorings series by I Vassalletti includes an engineered old oak coffered floor, characterised by warm colours and manufactured according to the designs and techniques that were used in the 19th century.

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-> Go to "Cassettonato - Old oak and oak"

This product is hand-sanded and richly treated with natural oil and wax colours. It’s the result of an extensive research on interior design trends, which more and more frequently insert ancient techniques and the weathered look of the finest wood types, such as old oak, into contemporary style locations.

The Cassettonato flooring from the exclusive Historical Floorings series is intended for both classical and modern locations, and revives the fineness, the elegance and the allure of hand-planed wood, recycled from old houses. The signs of ageing enhance the vintage effect of old oak wood.

The old oak and oak squares are exactly 60 cm x 60 cm, and can be 1.6 to 2.5 cm thick, and this guarantees an excellent aesthetic result. Our coffered floors differ from industrial ones, which consist of a plateau on which the wood is glued. Every single plank is milled, hand-sanded and finished with natural oil and wax colours, and is artisanally crafted by a team of greatly experienced and skilled master craftsmen. The coffered floor is then installed by following the same technique that was used in the past.

I Vassalletti, a prestigious world-renowned Tuscan company, reinterprets and modernises coffered floors, in which the design of the single piece serves as unit to create larger compositions, that expand the space perceived while enhancing the continuity of the surfaces.

Moreover, the Cassettonato flooring can be combined with a herringbone pattern, inspired by classical aristocratic residences, with two different patterns in the band and the central area, and a connecting element in-between. Contact us for a customised consultancy. We will describe the solutions available and guide you through your choice to find the most suitable laying pattern.

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-> Discover the elegance of the "Chevron" herringbone floors in the "Casa Florence" residence.

Coffered floors: the manufacture

Coffered floors are produced with the same batch of wood as the planks, that is recycled wood. All coffers are made with the same finish, thus guaranteeing perfect matches, aesthetically and technically speaking. It’s also possible to consider purchasing a flooring that recreates the effect of a coffered wooden floor.

Would you like to know more about our exclusive engineered old oak coffered floor from the Historical Floorings collection? Contact us for further information.


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