Coloured parquet flooring
20 October 2019

Coloured parquet flooring: how to choose and where


Buying a coloured parquet flooring is a good idea. 

High soundproofing and thermal insulation, resistance to the passing of time, easy maintenance and the pleasure to walk around barefoot are just some of the advantages of purchasing a refined parquet floor.

Click the pictures to explore the suggestions by prestigious Tuscan brand I Vassalletti, Italian excellency in the artisan production of luxury coloured parquet flooring:


coloured parquet flooring luxury inlaid   luxury coloured wooden inlaid carpet  coloured parquet flooring: amos coloured parquet flooring: cartiza

coloured parquet flooring: cloe coloured parquet flooring: eden   coloured parquet flooring: giona  coloured parquet flooring: lord  

coloured parquet flooring: monaco  elegant coloured parquet flooring: raya   turkish parquet  brown parquet flooring tuscania 

yellow and brown parquet  grey parquet drawing Leaf  black parquet black and white parquet flooring

brown and black parquet Aaron  white and brown parquet with flowers  ochre parquet old oak orange art parquet

green and brown  light colour parquet: Sarmatia  cyan parquet: Simon tan parquet: Vassalis


More than a simple floor cladding, a parquet is deservedly one of the main elements of interior design and it must be chosen carefully. The protagonist of the new living trends, a coloured parquet floor creates welcoming atmospheres and makes any room comfortable. 

The type of parquet chosen will influence what your floor will look like in the future. Let’s examine the main features that you should pay attention to when you’re about to purchase a parquet floor for your house.


luxury coloured parquetBeautiful coloured parquet


Choosing the wood type

The first step is choosing the wood type. Our advice is to let your personal taste guide you, while also taking into account the features of each wood type, from its resistance to scratches, impacts and scrapes, to its veins that can be shallow or deep. Always make sure you find out how a wood type reacts to light and what colour it’s going to take on throughout the years.

The range in terms of colours, tones, shades and veining of the woods used for parquet is incredibly wide. There is something to suit everyone’s taste.

Parquet woods can be divided into four macro-categories. Let’s see them in detail.

Light-coloured woods

The light-coloured woods category includes:
- fir wood;
- maple, medium hardness, with clear veins and compact fibres;
- beechwood, typically European, with a pinkish to slightly grey colour;
- ash, a quality wood, with regular straight fibres and a light colour that ranges between straw-yellow and pale brown;
- larch;
- hued parquet
- durmast, a very light-coloured wood that takes on a nuance near to pale-yellow with the passing of time.



grey parquet flooring


Brown woods

The brown woods category includes:

- teak, a tobacco-coloured wood available in the catalogue I Vassalletti, with a fine texture, straight fibres and deep veins, extremely resistant to humidity, it is in fact used in the boat industry;

- oak, a remarkably sturdy wood, it can be adapted to many different types of wooden parquets;

- afrormosia;

- iroko, a wood type imported from Africa;

- cabreuva;

- walnut, one of the most resistant, long-lasting and refined woods, and, at the same time, one of the easiest to work with. With its dark veins, it is very pleasing to the eye;

- olive wood;

- acacia wood;

- muhuhu.


Among beefwoods we must mention cherry wood, merbau, sirari, padauk and doussie from Africa, a wood characterised by charming golden-reddish shades.

Dark woods

Dark woods include the wengé-panga, a very dark African wood, the ipè lapacho, one of the hardest woods in the world, the jatoba and the mutenye, a grey to black wood.
I Vassalletti transforms the finest wood types, such as old oak, durmast, teak, walnut and cedarwood, into luxury floors.


Being informed about wood provenance

When you are about to purchase a parquet floor, it’s fundamental to find out about the provenance of the wood you wish to buy. Our advisers will be able to answer all of your questions on the subject and reassure you about the quality of the masterpieces designed by I Vassalletti, that possesses the proper certifications and requirements established by the CE marking legislation relative to wooden floors.

Choosing the parquet category

There are different types of parquet woods, depending on their colour, natural features, number of knots and whether their veins are more or less parallel. Depending on the type, wood floors are divided into the following categories.

Traditional parquet

A traditional parquet, also known as solid wood parquet, consists of pure noble wood and keeps its beauty unaltered throughout the years. It is installed rough and is then sanded, varnished, waxed, oiled and polished. The planks come in different sizes but their thickness usually ranges between 12 and 22 millimetres. The creations by I Vassalletti boast a solid wood that is treated and processed by following the traditional methods of Tuscan handicraft.

Prefinished parquet 

A two- or three-layer parquet is the most common at the moment. This type of floor consists of a noble wood layer installed onto a support made of a less refined material. A three-layer engineered-wood parquet offers a better performance and a greater stability. This type of parquet in fact doesn’t undergo any kind of alteration due to humidity or temperature swings.

Old parquet

An old parquet consists of wood obtained from beams and boards that were once part of farmsteads, lodges or castles, properly treated and cleaned to remove residues and impurities. The prestigious Tuscan company I Vassalletti mainly uses recycled oak wood, marked by natural cracks and knots, that comes from old houses. Master craftsmen give a second life to oak wood and enhance its uniqueness by working it exclusively by hand.

For the production of new wooden floors, five-millimetre-thick planks are selected and are then installed onto durmast or birch supports, that are sustained, in turn, by a backing.

An old parquet can also be replaced by the so-called antiqued parquet, that consists of wood processed with ad hoc techniques in order to recreate the signs of ageing.

Industrial parquet and laminate flooring

An industrial parquet is made from production waste and the least refined parts of wood. Whereas a laminate floor is a pseudo-parquet that consists of wood fibres and a resin binding agent as a middle layer, covered by printed paper that recreates the aspect of various wood types. The paper, in turn, is covered with a transparent film that prevents scratches and scrapes.



Another aspect that has to be taken into account is parquet thickness. According to law, the thickness of the noble wood layer must be at least 2.5 millimetres. The thicker the noble layer, the more the parquet can undergo sanding, planing and restoring.


antique wood parquet flooring


traditional parquet flooring


With its work team of skilled artisans, decorators, architects, technicians, designers and layers, the renown company I Vassalletti produces fine custom-made wooden floors, by giving absolute priority to quality and service, and taking care of everything, from planning to installation.

Where to buy coloured parquet flooring: our proposal

Have you decided to replace the floors at home? Do you wish to purchase a parquet floor and need assistance? Contact us now. We provide a completely custom-made key service and we will transform your ideas into reality, starting from an accurate planimetric analysis up to the actual production. 


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