Francesco Perini

Francesco Perini

Francesco Perini

Creativity, experience and craftsmanship

Francesco Perini was born in 1966 in San Giovanni Valdarno, just outside Florence. He is a descendant of three generations of cabinet makers, in a land with deep roots in the noble Tuscan artisan tradition.


In the ‘80s he was the leading person of the initial carpentry laboratory, which attracts the attention of the major experts of interior decoration thanks to its sophisticated and fine marquetries.


He is the founder and creative interior of I Vassalletti, artisan company and research laboratory that designs and manufactures furniture for prestigious living spaces.


The Tuscan artist has a valuable and eclectic vision, capable of involving all the living spaces, with unusual style and unexpected elegance: an explosion of creativity and emotions which give life to wonderful creations.

Франческо Перини

Observation, inspiration, territoriality

Perini is the creative soul of the brand: he personally develops the research process and together with his team of young collaborators ensures the quality control of all production down to the smallest details in order to guarantee excellent results.

Everyday life emotions are his sources of inspiration. Indeed, his artistic creativity arises from the observation of the surrounding world, from the awareness about the existence of a connection between real and unreal, from the admiration of the original elements from which anything have origin, fire, earth, air and water.

Deeply rooted to his land, Francesco Perini is fascinated by sounds and scents, enchanted by the countryside and sea calm. His works are influenced by passion and constant research of beauty.

Forms, matter, color, space, nature, landscape, light. Elements defining the creative standards of his design.

Francesco Perini