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28 July 2018

Indoor flooring ideas: how to choose the most suitable one


Are you looking for indoor flooring ideas for your house? Are you renovating your locations and would like to replace the floors but you are not sure which ones to choose? In this article you will see the wide selection of exclusive floors by I Vassalletti. Click the pictures to find out about the features of each parquet type.


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Prestigious and world-renown Tuscan company, I Vassalletti produces floors with ancient wood and fascinating stone, steel and marble inlays, depending on the customers’ or the designers’ requests.

The company’s work team consists of technicians, master craftsmen, decorators and installers willing to travel all over Italy and all over the world to follow every job first-hand and take care of every aspect regarding planning, production, finishing and installing.

We have made a small guidebook to help you choose the most suitable floor for your needs and we invite you to contact the company for a customised and analysed consultation.

Ideas for indoor floors

Apart from one’s personal taste, when choosing your indoor floors you should take into account what type of material goes with the room in which it will be installed. Not all materials in fact are suitable for all rooms.

Wooden floors

Versatile, cozy, warm in the winter and cool in the summer, with a perfect thermal conduction, wood is the most appreciated and sought-after material for indoor floors, as it offers a great soundproofing and lends to the rooms a warm, pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

From durmast to cedarwood, from walnut to teak, the varieties of wood available on the market are numerous. The prestigious Maison I Vassalletti, Italian excellence in the artisan production of wooden floors, offers:

- Oak, a fine wood, with a rustic taste and unique hues and shades. I Vassalletti has always used mainly recycled oak wood from old houses;

- Durmast, an extremely hard wood, with a density of 710 kg/cbm that makes it stable over time and resistant to scratches and impacts;

- Walnut, a noble yet sturdy wood, ideal for any room, even for the kitchen and the bedroom;

- Cedarwood, a fine wood, resistant to the passing of time;

- Teak, a brown wood of Asian origin, resistant to humidity.

A wooden floor with an oil finish has a natural look, as the wood planks are impregnated with a blend of natural oils, resins and waxes that improve their protection features.

Parquets with a paint finish have a surface protective film, resistant and elastic, that consists of acrylic emulsions. Also water paints are resins in liquid form and during finishing operations they are applied on the wood with specific rollers. When dry, they form a thin protective film. Depending on how reflecting parquet paints are, they are usually divided into:

- super-matte

- matte

- semi-gloss

- gloss

- high-gloss


A parquet with wax finish needs a more accurate and constant maintenance than a painted parquet. Wax looks extremely natural, but its waterproofing is limited. Before making a decision, we suggest you get an opinion from the professional experts of the team I Vassalletti and request a quote, free of charge and without any obligation.

Marble floors

With its veins, its delicate nuances and its extraordinary glossiness, marble is one of the finest materials used in the construction industry. Refined, long-lasting and resistant to impacts and scrapings, marble is the decorative material par excellence.

Depending on its provenance, its aspect and its colour, marble is divided into different types. Let’s see in detail which marble varieties are used the most for floor cladding, available in the exclusive catalogue I Vassalletti.

Botticino Marble

Beige with an enchanting hint of gold, Botticino Marble, a fine-grained marble with a classical taste typical of Mediterranean countries, is characterised by light hues and dark veins, that lend the material a strong personality.

Travertine Marble

Used since ancient times, Travertine Marble, with its delicate cream colour, lends a dash of timeless elegance to the interiors.

Arabescato Marble

Extracted in the Apuan Alps, in the north-west of Tuscany, Arabescato Marble (literally “arabesque-like marble”) is one of the finest varieties, with its grey veins known as arabesques, on a crystal white background.

Calacatta Marble

Quarried from the mountains in the province of Carrara, Tuscany, delicate and fine-grained Calacatta Marble has got an ivory background with thin hazel and grey veins that make it an extremely refined material.

Calacatta Gold Marble

Widely used for luxury ornamental works, Calacatta Gold Marble is characterised by elegant golden veins on a crystal white background. It’s included in the catalogue I Vassalletti, in the Elite line, and can be applied to floors, wainscoting, pieces of furniture and furnishing accessories.

Red Verona Marble

Extracted in mines in Verona, this valuable and sought-after marble has got wide light-coloured veins on a red background and often goes with antiquing processes.

Belgian Black Marble

Belgian Black Marble is an elegant natural stone with a deep black background and a delicate bright white stippling that lends it an unconventional look. It is suitable for indoor projects such as elegant staircases and peculiar floors.

France Red Marble

France Red Marble, as its name suggests, comes from France and is characterised by white and purplish-blue veins on a deep dark red background. It’s perfect for antiqued floors and for cladding stairs and walls.

Verde Guatemala

Also known as Verde Tikal, this ancient marble with a deep green background is suitable for both indoor and outdoor floors because of its compactness and robustness. It can also match light-coloured materials.

Giallo Siena

With its charming yellow veins on an ivory white background, Giallo Siena Marble, or Yellow Siena Marble, is suitable for prestigious furniture.

White Lasa Marble

White Lasa Marble is quarried from the Acqua Bianca cave, located in the Vinschgau Valley, in the western part of the province of South Tyrol. It is characterised by a cold colour and a sharp crystalline composition, without any colour impurities nor inclusions.

All of the marble varieties listed above and more are included in the catalogue I Vassalletti in the Standard and Elite Lines.

Ideas for indoor floors: suggestions

In small-sized rooms it is advisable to install a light-coloured floor in order to give the illusion of greater space and brightness. Dark-coloured floors, such as deep red, dark grey, brown and black, are suitable for bright rooms exposed to sunlight.

In small apartments, it is ideal to use the same colour in every room, from the living room to the bedroom, in order to give a sense of continuity.

On the contrary, if you wish to separate a very large and dispersive area, we suggest installing a different-coloured floor in each room.


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