Inlaid floors
4 July 2018

Inlaid floors: an elegant mixture of luxury and innovation


Inlaid floors are works of art. The combination of various types of wood, with their distinctive features, and wooden battens of different sizes, makes the inlay technique unique.



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Inlaid floors: the materials used by our company

If you love the old-time sought-after refinement, at I Vassalletti, one of Italy’s leading companies in wood flooring handcrafted production, you will find exquisite balanced combinations of luxury, elegance and innovation. A bulwark of the Made in Italy brand, which has made our country famous in the eyes of the rest of the world, I Vassalletti is a prestigious company based in Tuscany that produces inlaid wooden floors from refined quality materials such as marble, bronze, steel, terracotta and granite, giving thus birth to charming ornamental motifs. Let’s go into details on the inlay technique: what it is, how it’s made and the main features of inlaid floors.

Inlaid wooden floors

The inlay technique has ancient origins. Wooden floors have embellished the interiors of prestigious abodes and buildings for centuries, and numerous combinations make them more and more charming.  With its production unit equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and its team of master craftsmen with great expertise, the world-famous company I Vassalletti develops custom-made projects and creations, and meets the requests of the most demanding customers.  Besides the ordinary hand tools for sanding, decoration and assembling, the workers also use state-of-the-art machinery and technologies during the most delicate production stages, in particular: - laser cutting machine for wood and metal; - water jet cutter for marble, a machine that allows to cut marble with absolute precision. 
The synergy between innovation and traditional Tuscan handicraft gives birth to floors that have a major visual impact and are based on the balanced contrast between different wood colours and foils made of various materials such as marble, terracotta, granite, bronze, pietra serena (a gray sandstone used extensively in Renaissance Florence for architectural details), steel and even leather, hide and cashmere. Great ability, technique and craftsmanship are needed for this kind of manufacturing, both in the inlay process and during installation.

Installation styles and geometries

Besides the different sizes of the wooden planks and the various colours depending on the type of wood used, there are also many installation possibilities. The planks in fact form different motifs, of great impact, depending on how they are placed. Here are the main parquet patterns:


Brick pattern

The brick pattern is one of the most widespread installation geometries. It consists of wood elements equal in size, placed parallel or diagonal to the walls. This evergreen pattern lends tidiness and sober minimalism to the room.


Herringbone pattern

The most famous among installation geometries is the Herringbone pattern, formed by mutually perpendicular rectangular elements. Each extremity is placed next to each side, thus forming a 90-degree angle. The Herringbone pattern makes small rooms look bigger. At the prestigious Maison I Vassalletti, it is available in oak or durmast wood, hand sanded and finished with all-natural oil and wax pigments.


Chevron pattern

Widespread in European noble residences during the XIX century, the Chevron pattern is installed similarly to the Herringbone pattern. However, the angle between the short and the long sides of each plank measures 45 or 60 degrees.


Ship's deck pattern

The ship’s deck pattern consists of wooden planks placed parallel or diagonal to the walls. The planks however don’t line up since they are equal in width but different in length.


Basket pattern

The basket pattern consists of wood elements, often of different wood types and colours, that form squares horizontally or diagonally.


Wood types for inlaying: chromatic effects

There are almost infinite possible chromatic effects that can be created by juxtaposing planks of regular or variable length and of different wood types. Among the wood types used for inlaying, the main ones are oak and durmast, but also teak, cedarwood and walnut, that play a leading role in the masterpieces by I Vassalletti.  The selection of Traditional Floors by the Maison I Vassalletti includes every wood type, from the fairest, such as durmast and cedarwood, to the darkest, such as old oak, walnut and teak. The latter is an elegant tobacco brown wood type of Asian or African origin, extremely resistant to humidity.  The features of each wood type are enhanced with craftsmanship and expertise by creating chromatisms of various intensity and light tinges with all-natural oil and wax pigments.


Artistic floors

It’s also possible to embellish wooden floors by adding mosaics and inserts with geometric motifs or illustrations that recall ages past and the evocative floors of ancient castles and royal residences. From Versailles to Chantilly, the lavish series Historic Floors by I Vassalletti includes exact replicas of luxury floors of ancient times, made out of resistant and refined recycled solid wood, processed, carved, sanded and treated following the traditional techniques of Tuscan handicraft.


Classical and Contemporary Progenies Collections

The exclusive Classical Progenies Collection includes a wide selection of artistic floors made out of old oak wood, a typically classical material, with elegant marble, wood and metal inlays. The combination of an oak wood floor and other charming and refined materials gives birth to carefully balanced wonderful inlays with a play of unique chromatisms.  The creations featured in the Contemporary Progenies Collection are based on the same axiom but have a more modern twist, thanks to the geometric precision of their ornamental patterns. Strict geometries and sinuous curves blossom from the genius of I Vassalletti’s master craftsmen, in a triumph of abstract twines and floral motifs. 
Worldwide benchmark in woodworking, I Vassalletti offers parquet tiles with decorative inlays and compositions of different wood types, customizable in order to satisfy any taste, resulting in very impressive chromatic contrasts.


Inlaid carpets

The creations by the prestigious brand I Vassalletti also include elegant and luxurious carpets inlaid with various wood types. Fully handmade, with a finishing touch of wax, they are true interior design masterworks. 



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