21 December 2018

Herringbone floorings: an elegance from another time, yet timeless


Since its ancient beginnings, the herringbone floorings are considered one of the most refined, elegant and striking laying patterns. They are once again having a real moment of glory. It is indeed much sought-after by those who love a traditional parquet flooring, but…

21 December 2018

Oak floorings: a refined, resistant and long-lasting solution


Oak floorings are a refined, resistant and long-lasting solution.

Oak wood is historically one of the protagonists of the floorings by prestigious Tuscan company "I Vassalletti", whose creations boast the use of solid wood processed according to the traditional…

23 November 2018

Artistic floors: tradition, innovation and refined italian expertise

The union of innovation, technology and Tuscan handicraft tradition gives birth to decorative and artistic floors that have a great aesthetic impact and are suitable for luxury locations.

Click on the pictures to view the artistic floors from the Classical Progenies and…

16 November 2018

Patterned parquet floors: pure poetry written in the finest and most noble material


The multifaceted Tuscan company I Vassalletti manufactures patterned parquet floors with a strong stage presence that merge art, creativity, technique and high artisanal skills. A perfect mixture of wood, marble, stone, steel and other refined materials transforms…

10 October 2018

Buy parquet flooring: how to choose and where


Buying a parquet flooring is a good idea. 

High soundproofing and thermal insulation, resistance to the passing of time, easy maintenance and the pleasure to walk around barefoot are just some of the advantages of purchasing a refined parquet floor.