10 October 2018

Buy parquet flooring: how to choose and where


Buying a parquet flooring is a good idea. 

High soundproofing and thermal insulation, resistance to the passing of time, easy maintenance and the pleasure to walk around barefoot are just some of the advantages of purchasing a refined…

30 August 2018

The best engineered wood parquets: an overview on parquet engineering


Quick to install and easy to remove, refined engineered-wood parquets have become more and more common in the last few years. In this page, you can find also an overview on parquet engineering.

Click the pictures to take a look at the exclusive creations by the…

30 August 2018

Wide plank engineered wood flooring: the soul of fine furnishings


With wide plank engineered wood floorings it’s possible to create amazing and thrilling elegant home locations, both indoors and outdoors. Wood, in fact, is a natural, living and refined material that never fades with time. On the contrary, its elegance and appeal grow…

28 July 2018

Indoor flooring ideas: how to choose the most suitable one


Are you looking for indoor flooring ideas for your house? Are you renovating your locations and would like to replace the floors but you are not sure which ones to choose? In this article you will see the wide selection…

4 July 2018

Inlaid floors: an elegant mixture of luxury and innovation


Inlaid floors are works of art. The combination of various types of wood, with their distinctive features, and wooden battens of different sizes, makes the inlay technique unique.