15 November 2019

Parquet flooring wood types, a mini-guidebook for making an informed choice


There are countless parquet flooring wood types, with different colours, veinings and finishes: oak, cedar, walnut, old oak, teak, wenge. The choice depends on the designated use of the room to be floored, on the furniture style and on your personal taste.


15 November 2019

Best indoor flooring: some advice to help you make the wise choice

Choosing the right floor is essential for determining the personality of a room. I Vassalletti, a multifaceted, dynamic and prestigious Tuscan company, has offered for over 20 years the best indoor floors, manufactured by the skilled hands of highly experienced master craftsmen…

20 October 2019

Coloured parquet flooring: how to choose and where


Buying a coloured parquet flooring is a good idea. 

High soundproofing and thermal insulation, resistance to the passing of time, easy maintenance and the…

26 September 2019

Luxury classic italian furniture: elaborate details and sophisticated decorations


Luxury classic italian furniture is a hymn to beauty, harmony and moderation. It’s a temple of style with references to the world of art. Having a classic home means to furnish in good…

14 June 2019

Wood floorings: evergreen both indoors and outdoors

From the living room, to the poolside, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, every surface both indoors and outdoors can be cladded with wood flooring.

You can choose yours among the wide…