14 June 2019

Wood floorings: evergreen both indoors and outdoors

From the living room, to the poolside, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, every surface both indoors and outdoors can be cladded with wood flooring.

You can choose yours among the wide…

6 June 2019

Buy parquet flooring: how to choose and where


Buying a parquet flooring is a good idea. 

High soundproofing and thermal insulation, resistance to the passing of time, easy maintenance and the pleasure to…

30 May 2019

Wide plank engineered wood flooring: the soul of fine furnishings


With wide plank engineered wood floorings it’s possible to create amazing and thrilling elegant home locations, both indoors and outdoors. Wood, in fact, is a natural, living and refined material that never fades with…

13 February 2019

Walnut floorings: quality, resistance, elegance and durability


With their sturdy structure and very charming warm veinings, walnut floorings combine solidity, resistance, durability, impermeability and high aesthetic value. Here below is a detailed overview.


11 February 2019

Solid wood floorings: timeless aesthetic

In solid wood floorings, which consist of a single layer of noble wood with variable thickness, lies the elegance of wood, that smells of tradition, warms up the room and evokes the atmosphere of…