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21 December 2018

Oak floorings: a refined, resistant and long-lasting solution


Oak floorings are a refined, resistant and long-lasting solution.

Oak wood is historically one of the protagonists of the floorings by prestigious Tuscan company "I Vassalletti", whose creations boast the use of solid wood processed according to the traditional Tuscan handicraft techniques.
Natural oak floorings are the perfect solution for those who appreciate the allure of wood, as they can embellish any room of the house.

Oak flooring is one of the finest and most common parquet flooring types, and is a classical choice that goes with any solution, style, personal taste and intended use. It is universally considered one of the most elegant and pleasing to the eye, and it also conveys an enjoyable sensation of warmth. It is not surprising that oak wood is sought-after especially for the floorings of the most intimate rooms of the house, such as the bedroom, the living room, the attic and the bathroom.

Let’s have a closer look at this fine wood type.

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Oak flooring: the features

The oak floorings available on the market vary depending on the colour, the finish, the class of appearance and the format.

Natural oak floorings originally have got a warm brown colour that, with the passing of time, tends to turn honey brown because of sun exposure.

The sunbeams foster oxidation and, as a consequence, cause a slight change in colour.
It happens indeed that portions of an oak flooring that were covered by carpets or pieces of furniture for a long time preserve their original colour, while the exposed parts of the flooring become more yellowish.

Oak wood has got a straight and irregular fibre, and medullary rays, which are what truly distinguishes this wood type. It’s a highly refined wood, and it’s also very hard and stable, with a density of 710 kg/cbm. It’s got a low porosity and therefore doesn’t get dirty easily. Its high hardness and sturdiness make it resistant to impacts, compression, bending and scratches in general, as well as humidity and biological attacks of fungi, moulds and parasites.

Oak is one of the wood types that offer the greatest stability when exposed to damp air, and this makes it suitable to be installed in rooms that are easily exposed to water vapour and humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Just think that oak wood is widely used in shipyards and to manufacture barrels for wine ageing.

Moreover, since it’s got a very low porosity, it doesn’t absorb impurities and it’s easy to manage and clean.



Oak floorings, the characteristics of the European oak

Quercus petraea is the botanical name for the durmast oak, a very durable tree that can grow to a height of 40 metres.
The durmast oak belongs to the Fagaceae family and can be found anywhere in Europe, especially in temperate forests in Central and Northeastern Europe.

Most of high-quality oak wood comes indeed from France, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia.
Durmast oaks are widespread in Italy too, in alpine and pre-alpine valleys.


oak flooring: bookcase
"Chevron": old oak and oak flooring


Natural oak floor finishes

Natural oak floorings have got the elegant dark brown colour typical of oaks, that however, as already mentioned, tends to turn to honey brown with the passing of time because of constant sun exposure.

Oak floorings have got an uneven surface, and the shades and wood fibre can have slightly different colours.
Its unique and original appearance depends on:
- the climate of the place of provenance of the tree;
- the mineralogical characteristics of the place of provenance of the tree;
- the orientation of the tree trunk;
- the point of extraction of the wood for the manufacture of planks.

The peculiarity of oak wood is its colour finish, which ranges from the lightest shades such as ivory, sand and grey-blue, to the darkest ones such as wine and leather brown. Moreover, ad hoc treatments such as brushing can bring out the wood’s veins.

Let’s have a closer look at the different finishes for oak floorings.

Bleached oak wood

With an ad hoc treatment called bleaching it’s possible to remove the wood’s natural colour.
You can get different nuances depending on the bleaching level.

The colour palette ranges from a pinkish shade, with a light bleaching, to ivory; the veins can be more or less prominent.

Basically, wood bleaching, in a way, has got the same function as hair bleaching.

Pickled oak wood

With the pickling process, the resulting flooring has got a light colour and completely white veins.

Wood pickling can be done in two different ways:
- by applying lime on the wood, which, after that, is put repeatedly in furnaces, so that the fibre maintains a lighter colour;
- by varnishing or oiling the wood and then brushing it.

The first procedure is quite complex and elaborate, while the second one is definitely less demanding.

Antiqued oak wood

With a specific varnishing, oak wood will have a very realistic weathered look.
Its colour will be darker than the original one and sometimes will tend towards grey.

Brushed oak wood

Brushing is one of the most popular finishes and it’s obtained by treating the wood with specific metal brushes that will bring out the wood’s natural veins.
The brushing technique will lend a natural yet sophisticated look to the oak flooring.

A brushed oak flooring has got a much more coarse texture compared to an oak flooring with a traditional smooth finish.
This feature makes it particularly suitable for rustic houses.

Brushed parquet floorings also create charming contrasts when installed in modern and minimalist locations.

Sawn oak wood

Thin horizontal saw marks lend a very realistic weathered effect to the parquet flooring.

Here again, the perfect match would be, by similarity, a rustic or vintage style location, or, by contrast, modern style furniture.

Engineered oak wood floorings: what have to offer

We manufacture wood floorings starting from the customers’ requests.
Contact us now for further information.

We will be glad to invite you to visit our company, where we will walk you through the sample rooms and the production units, and take you on an extremely evocative sensory journey.


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