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16 November 2018

Patterned parquet floors: pure poetry written in the finest and most noble material


The multifaceted Tuscan company I Vassalletti manufactures patterned parquet floors with a strong stage presence that merge art, creativity, technique and high artisanal skills. A perfect mixture of wood, marble, stone, steel and other refined materials transforms floors into true works of art that combine luxury, elegance and originality.

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I Vassalletti is no big industry, but rather a team of master craftsmen, decorators, technicians, designers and layers who pay great attention to quality and are willing to move anywhere in Italy and the world to follow every project in person.

Our team of professionals comprehensively takes care of every aspect concerning the planning, the manufacturing, the finishing and the installation, by combining the art of carving and inlaying with the precision of the latest technologies to create patterned parquet floors with the most diverse decorations, from basic geometric shapes to historical ornamental motifs.

The hands of the skilled Tuscan artisans transform the finest wood types into unique and unreproducible true interior design jewels that lend a dash of liveliness and exclusivity to any location, both residential and commercial.



Parquet first rate texture


The high quality of the creations is guaranteed indeed by the experience and mastery of the Tuscan craftsmen who, as in the past, manufacture the square panels one by one and prepare them to be laid one at a time, therefore guaranteeing unique effects. The floors are laid manually, panel by panel, because, since we are wood artisans, continuing this noble art is important to us. From the Historical Floors to the Classical Progenies, the lavish collections by Tuscan brand I Vassalletti amaze for their variety and application potential.

Patterned parquet floors: designated use

An original and spectacular floor with such a strong aesthetic impact is suitable for anyone who loves exclusivity, which results from high artisanal skills and modern manufacturing techniques.

Suitable for boutique hotels, hotels de charme, art galleries, luxury retail stores, historical villas, penthouses and luxury hotels, patterned parquets are divine masterpieces mounted in floors and crafted by the capable hands of highly experienced master craftsmen.

With a patterned parquet floor, the wood and its charming colour palette become the stars of the room by giving birth to creative combinations and intriguing plays of colour contrasts. A floor embellished with figurative motifs enhances the value of wood by enriching it with a new meaning and new details that improve lived experience.


patterned parquet drawing


Patterned parquet floors: interior design jewels

Patterned parquet floors are historically the preferred claddings for emperor halls and the interiors of prestigious mansions. The art of using a noble and fine material such as wood for the flooring is very ancient.

We need only consider the Palace of Versailles, the Château de Chantilly, the Château de Chevron and the Château de Maisons-Laffitte. Besides square braided durmast panels, they feature wooden floors embellished with alluring ornamental patterns. The most common decoration consisted of a central rose window adorned mostly with floral motifs and radial elements extending from it. The square panels were arranged in geometric series, sometimes with alternating light-coloured and dark-coloured wood types. These masterpieces are to this day very appealing not only to classical antiquity connoisseurs but also to those who prefer the modern and contemporary style.

The artisanal production of patterned parquet floors

The patterns and inlays that are typical of this kind of flooring can be obtained with a wide variety of materials and colours. Each and every square panel is rigorously handcrafted, according to the precepts of Tuscan handicraft, and the figurative motifs consist of a combination of refined wood types and materials such as marble, bronze, terracotta, granite, steel and pietra serena.

The various elements are put together in order to form different geometric motifs, representations and decorative patterns. The combinations are almost countless and the compositions are made of different types of wood in order to obtain extraordinary aesthetic results.

Nowadays, a precise and impeccable manufacture is guaranteed by the use of modern project planning softwares and state-of-the-art machinery for the implementation of the most delicate phases, such as the laser cutter for wood and metal that cuts with extreme precision without altering the materials in any way.

Precisely this productive synergy between technology, innovation and artisanal tradition forges parquet floors with unique and inimitable patterns that have a strong aesthetic impact and have the power to recall the art of living of ancient times and the charming echo of the past.

Patterned parquet floors: the advantages

Evergreen and never ordinary, patterned parquet floors enthrall and seduce. Above all, they aim at telling stories, evoking emotions and giving birth to unique and exclusive creations that enrich the soul of every location.

Inlaying is indeed a language that expresses itself through representations that convey emotions and evoke feelings. With a stunning effect, a wooden floor with geometric motifs, decorative patterns, inlays, alternating wood types and plays of colours is a fully-fledged piece of furniture, especially suitable for large rooms.

A floor enriched with figurative motifs has got a strong stage presence and a filling effect that visually contributes to resize and define particularly large and disorganised rooms.

Such an elaborate floor knows how to stand out and it definitely never goes unnoticed. In order to avoid an overwhelming result, we suggest you match a floor with such a strong personality with sober, elegant and not excessively elaborate pieces of furniture and accessories.

Customisable frames

If you wish to highlight your parquet and finish the borders of your floor by emphasising the decorations of that precise area, you can finish the perimeter with various types of frames such as:

- basic frames;

- decorated frames;

- geometric frames;

- inlaid frames.

Obtaining a perimeter frame by using a band and a connecting element is a solution that will lend even more elegance to your patterned parquet floor. This kind of installation consists in laying the wood planks in the band by following a different laying geometry compared to the predominant one in the central area, with a connecting element between the two patterns.

Do you wish to replace the claddings to refresh the look of your house? Do you want to make your floors even more exclusive? Contact us for a bespoke consultancy. We will examine your request and, by analysing every single detail, we will find an ad hoc solution to bring out the features of the location and we will define a cost estimate of the project.

Each negotiation is unique to us and we tackle it like a new challenge. We will be glad to meet you at our company offices.


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