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Tradition, personality, creativity.

I Vassalletti is a Tuscan versatile and dynamic company. For over 20 years, its wooden floors and design realizations have been recognizable anywhere for uniqueness and character. While drawing on techniques and knowledge inherited from the past, I Vassalletti puts its unmistakable style at the center of all creation, abandoning the idea of a craft linked exclusively to the past.  

Essences, quality, manual skills.

The creations of I Vassalletti are manufactured by Tuscan artisans, who transform the finest wood extracts in real jewels of contemporary interior design, thanks to a tradition carefully preserved throughout time. They realize projects made of forms, color, geometrical themes and high-quality materials.

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Perfection, passion, research.

I Vassalletti have always proposed to his clientele “classic”, “historic” and “traditional” floorings, as well as innovative products where different materials, such as marble, stone, metal, leather, are combined and blended in creations by Francesco Perini or famous international architects and designers. Any of these products is a proof of innate passion and constant research of perfection.