wide plank engineered wood flooring
30 May 2019

Wide plank engineered wood flooring: the soul of fine furnishings


With wide plank engineered wood floorings it’s possible to create amazing and thrilling elegant home locations, both indoors and outdoors. Wood, in fact, is a natural, living and refined material that never fades with time. On the contrary, its elegance and appeal grow with the passing of time.

The prestigious Tuscan company I Vassalletti, a synonym for authenticity, aesthetic design, experimenting and avant-garde, produces solid wood pre-finished floors, planks and parquets for every need. The manufacturing process is entirely manual and thus completely respectful of the environment.

Discover our selection of wide plank engineered wood floorings of "I Vassalletti":


wide plank engineered wood flooring st101g   wide plank engineered wood flooring st102 wide plank engineered wood flooring st107s wide plank engineered wood flooring st106

wide plank engineered wood flooring st101  wide plank engineered wood flooring st102 wide plank engineered wood flooring st112 wide plank engineered wood flooring st116

wood panel st103  wood panel st117 wood panel for indoor flooring st107 wood panel for outdoor flooring st1001s

From classic lines to custom-made creations, I Vassalletti makes of versatility one of its main strengths, by lending personality to the most diverse locations, from villas to farmsteads, from lofts to city houses, always in the name of luxury and originality.

Let’s see in detail how to pick the right wood planks depending on the designated use.

Wide plank engineered wood planks for indoor floorings

A practical and elegant solution, suitable for any type of house, a wooden floor, in which the old values of the Tuscan traditional handicraft embrace the technologically advanced innovations, makes your home warm and welcoming.

In the series Traditional Floors of I Vassalletti, you will find a few creations to choose from, with fixed or variable-width planks made of solid or engineered wood from old oak, durmast, cedar, walnut and teak.


wide plank engineered wood flooring herringbone


elegant wood planks for living room


wooden traditional flooring


Imported semifinished or rough, the wood planks are treated, cut, milled and planed, depending on the customer’s requests.

Let’s see the main features of the different wood types available in the catalogue of I Vassalletti.

Old oak

I Vassalletti mainly uses recycled oak wood from old houses, with a delightful rustic taste. Considerably sturdy, old oak has a natural veined pattern and a warm shade, which make it particularly suitable for Tuscan style rooms, wooden ceilings with exposed beams and a rustic context. The peculiarity of this fine wood is enhanced with skillfulness and expertise by master craftsmen for I Vassalletti.


hand scraped old oak plank engineered wood flooring


Used back in the 13th century to manufacture luxury furniture, durmast, a member of the oak family, is a refined, resistant and versatile wood, with an excellent resistance to bending, humidity, compression, climate change, the passing of time and parasite attacks. Its natural amber brown shades can be enhanced and customised with ad hoc manufacturing processes and specific treatments.


best wide plank engineered wood flooring durmast


A refined, aromatic and sought-after wood, incredibly resistant to impacts and the passing of time, cedarwood is used quite frequently for the manufacturing of fine furniture and ornaments. Cedarwood comes from the Middle East and it was used by the Phoenicians, the Assyro-Babylonians and the ancient Romans to build battleships, while it is used today by I Vassalletti to create traditional floors, hand-sanded and finished with natural oil and wax pigments.


Among the finest of woods, with its warm and brown shades and its deep veining, walnut never goes out of style and is suitable for elegant rooms. A quite common wood in Europe and also grown in Italy, walnut is suitable for being planed, sanded and assembled with screws or glue and guarantees great robustness.


Teak comes from Southeast Asia, mainly Indonesia and Indochina, but it is also grown in Africa and South America. It has got fascinating brown shades and deep black veins. Teak is one of the most long-lasting woods and keeps its beauty unchanged without undergoing surface alterations such as swelling, cracking or splitting.

Wood planks for outdoor floors

Terraces, porches, open galleries, driveways, gazebos, courtyards and poolsides shouldn’t be diminished by floors in contrast with the naturalness and the elegance of the surroundings. A wooden floor can also bring prestige, personality and a naturally chic allure outdoors.

The upper side of outdoor wood planks can either have a smooth or rough finish, depending on one’s aesthetic preferences and the location where they will be installed. The surface must be treated with specific substances that make it waterproof, long-lasting and resistant to weather conditions, sun exposure and bad weather.

These planks, or decking, are particularly suitable for regular-shaped areas, such as the borders of gardens and large surfaces. Outdoor wood planks can either be installed with retractable clip and milling, a suitable solution for the most stable wood types, or with full profile and exposed screws, for less stable wood types.

The most suitable wood types for outdoor floors are the following:


The undisputed king of quality outdoor materials, teak doesn’t fear wind nor rapid changes in temperature and is resistant to humidity and parasite attacks.


Widely used in major urban furniture projects and for outdoor floors of resorts, hotels, holiday farms and spas, bamboo is a resistant, environment-friendly and stunning wood. Outdoor bamboo planks offer maximum stability, solidity and resistance, and don’t need any particular maintenance.

Heat-treated ash

Among the most frequently used wood types for terraces in hotels, large penthouses and fashionable spaces, ash needs to undergo a 200-degree heat treatment in order to absorb the internal humidity and improve its dimensional stability. It is not suitable for locations near the sea or subject to high humidity levels.

Cherry wood

With a golden to reddish colour, cherry wood is medium hard, shiny and easily processable, with an intertwined fibre and a slightly wavy veining. It doesn’t cause any problem if placed over screeds for underfloor heating, it can therefore be installed both indoors and outdoors.


Doussié wood comes from Africa’s tropical area and has an intriguing red to orange colour. Because of its hardness, resistance and flexibility, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor floors.

Siberian Larch

The Siberian Larch, a conifer wood extremely resistant to weather conditions, can also be installed in seaside locations as long as it undergoes specific treatments.

If you wish to get a clearer picture, we recommend browsing the suggestions by the prestigious Maison "I Vassalletti", with many customisation possibilities: traditional floorings, historical floorings, classic progenie, progenie contemporanee and inlaid carpets.


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